Film Financing

Independent Films

Relatively cheap but good quality cameras make it much easier to make good quality footage and subsequently show your work to film financing groups.

A large number of low cost films(which sometimes are amazingly good quality) are made with the hopes of getting recognition by big companies for aquiring financing.

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Big Budget Films

Film financing for expensive productions is difficult to obtain.

There are some companies who can help you get funding but may charge a percentage. (up to ten percent in some cases)

Your work may be rejected numerous times so getting your project funded takes persistance.

Some Film Financing can be opbtained through the following resourses.

Efilmfund - It was developed to help filmmakers find investors to finance and market their films.

Idealive - is an online marketplace designed to link artists and investors.

Hollywood Investors gives more structured help from development through distribution.

Next Wave Films -, is a company of The Independent Film Channel and offers two main services for emerging and established filmmakers.

They express dedication to helping young filmmakers launch their careers andthey supply finishing funds to low budget features by new filmmakers.

Webcinema - offers an interesting option. It's a non-profit organization focuses on that helps independent filmmakers in new media technologies find film financing and distribution.

Surfview - links independent producers and interested investors.

Click Here for an excellent guide and resource to Film Financing!

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