Film Distribution for Independent Films

Some options you may consider for film distribution are:


This is becoming quite popular among Independent Film Makers who can't get a good distribution deal. If you don't have your own website you could consider selling it on Ebay. is an online company but they will accept releases from distributors.


Reputable Film distributors have contacts to the industry and can get your film distributed across the country or even internationally through Theaters, TV, chain stores and other markets.

Unreputable distributors usually try to get money from you up front. You should never have to pay a distributor.

A good lawyer is a very good asset to help you with the contract a distributor supplies you.

You should make sure your distributor will give you access to an accurate sales inventory of the sales of your project. The lawyer can help you get this into the contract.

For a more complete guide, check this book out. You can get it at Amazon.

The Complete Independent Movie Marketing Handbook by Mark Steven Bosko

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