Film Production Capetown

Many people probably don't realize that Film Production Industry Cape Town, South Africa is and has been growing more competitive every year.

Film producers are attracted increasingly to Cape Town because production costs here are typically 40% less than Europe or the U.S.. They are also typically 20% even than in Australia.

As just one instance, the film Lord of War starring Nicholas Cage showed off South Africa's abundance of lush film shooting location. Cape Town appeared in no less than 57 different settings including those in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Bolivia, and Sierra Leone. The culturally diverse Cape Town has the amazing ability to "be" almost any city from almost anywhere, and it has been so. Ironically, Cape Town is rarely featured "portraying" itself!

As a result, Cape Town is featured in commercials and feature films spanning the globe. What's more, South Africa's oldest city features a technically advanced film industry.

"The Cape Argus", "Cape Times", "Cape Etc", "SA Citylife", and the "Mail & Guardian" are all Cape Town publications in which one can find classifieds for gainful employment in the huge filming industry.

The Cape Film Commission is the official film industry representative for the City of Cape Town and the Province of the Western Cape. It exists for the economic development, marketing, and promotion of the film industry through a strategy aimed at growth, integration, and transformation.

The film industry includes numerous places of employment within the city. These include: Enigma Pictures; Holly Africa; Black Ginger; Prinz Productions; Zen HQ; Seven Seasons; Gatehouse Commercials; Moonlighting Film Production Services; Amazing Spaces; Cape Town Productions; Libra Vision; Velocity Films; Cyclone Films; and Kalahari Pictures, among many others.

Cape Town remains extremely important to the future and present economy of South Africa because of its film industry opportunities. As a result, infrastructure in the city is constantly being improved to facilitate film producers.

“We are very pleased to announce that the tender process has started in earnest, and that three important tenders have already been awarded...This project, which has been designed to meet local and international industry needs, will contribute to cementing Cape Town’s global position as a leading film production destination,” says Anant Singh, chairperson of Cape Town Film Studios, with regard to three new tenders concerning the upgrading of the R310 highway, bulk infrastructure, and the construction of the studio buildings themselves.

For people seeking to rub elbows with celebrities in the industry in Cape Town, they can find them frequenting: Jardine; Aubergine; Ginja; The Showroom; the Savoy Cabbage; Simon's Of Groot Constantia; La Med; Kennedy's Restaurant & Cigar Bar; Aubergine; Tango's Grill & Seafood; The Greenhouse Restaurant; and The Clipper Restaurant.

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