Film Production Denver

The city of Denver has played an integral part in Colorado's film industry success story.

Denver is home to such organizations as the non-profit Denver Film Society, which since 1978 has worked to promote film as both an art form and a civic forum. The DFS has put together a program including year-round screenings, community outreach projects, and renowned special events such as the Denver International Film Festival. They can help people get into the industry.

There are numerous film production and related businesses in Denver, where one who seeks to get into the film industry might find gainful employment. These include: AVP Productions; Base 2 Studios; C&M Backdrops; Colorado Creative Multimedia; Colorado Studios at the Stapleton Airport; Delicate Sound; the Film/Video Equipment Service Co,; FX West; Lighting Services, Inc; and New West Television.

More film industry businesses in the city include: the Opera Shop; Rubicon Productions; Rocky Mountain Recorders; SCM Productions; and Summit Audio and Video Production.

Famous or award-winning movies that have been shot at least partly in Denver include: Around the World in Eighty Days (1956); How the West Was Won (1962); Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969); Vanishing Point (1970); Sleeper (1973); Every Which Way But Loose (1978); Die Hard 2 (1990); Ladybugs (1991); and About Schmidt (2002).

Of course, not every movie made in a place can be first-rate. 1998's 3 Ninjas, High Noon at Mega Mountain was filmed entirely at Denver's family owned seasonal amusement park, theater, and botanic garden called Elitch Gardens (sold by Six Flags in 2006). This is one very "B" movie (actually more of a "D", and not because of the aged Lonnie Anderson's busy appearance either).

If you're in Denver and want to rub elbows with film industry stars, you can check out such restaurants as Frasca Food and Wine, Radda Trattoria, the Venice Ristorante & Winebar, the San Lorenzo Ristorante, Patsy's Inn, the Mezcal, the Agave Grill, the Cherry Crest Seafood Market, the Sushi Den, and O's Steak & Seafood.

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