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Film production Japan is a striving industry but high prices do hamper projects from outside the country.

The Japanese industry however continues its rise and continues to produce. One thing that is new in this film industry is the overt attempt to elicit emotions from the Japanese audiences.

Young director Chihiro Kameyama a prominant figure in film production Japan says, That's what we needed in Japan, something we could be a part of. The Japanese people are very reticent at expressing emotions. As such, my goal is to let people release emotions in the dark confines of the theater. When the lights come on, they can go back to their old selves," concerning his first viewing of American films in the United States in the late 1990s.

To that end, the early 21st century in Japan has seen big-budget films made such as "The Great Goblin War", "Samurai Commando", "Shinobi", "Koga Ninpocho", and "Yamato".

Japan only turns out about one-third of the films each year that Hollywood does, and the majority of modern Japanese films don't do well in the United States unless they're about martial arts or Godzilla. However, one of the most powerful forces in the global film production industry these days is Japanese animation.

"For years they said they were good at manufacturing. I never thought they were as good as they thought they were. They've put their aesthetic and their quality control into their auto products...It is a cultural content, a powerful core cultural competence. They are good at drawing, illustration, artistic sensibility, and combining that with technology gives them a competitive advantage," says Ronald A. Morse, who holds a Ph.D. in Japanese history from Princeton University and is a Managing Director of the Sangikyo Corporation, a telecommunications infrastructure company.

However, the modern Japanese film era which began in the 1990s has not been without success. In 1997, Shohei "Imamura's Unagi (The Eel)" won the Golden Palm in Cannes, while Takeshi Kitano's "Hana-bi" won the Golden Lion in Venice.

Japan is home to numerous film production companies where one might find production help or be able to break into the industry there. These include: Asia Camera; Asia Camera ; Intertelemedia, Inc.; JaidCreative Productions; Local81; Virgin Earth, Inc.; Anthony Trotter Productions; and Monolith Films.

If you want to rub elbows with film production industry insiders or celebrities in Japan, your best chances of meeting them are to go to just about any sushi bar in Tokyo.

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