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Film production Spain is now exploding, even though national leaders and film producers were worried about it just five years ago.

Film production Spain will continue to evolve through both domestic and foreign films projects.

Movies are growing in popularity in Spain and the film industry there is capturing more gross domestic product share of the entertainment industry in that nation.

Most recently at the time of this writing, Alex de la Iglesia's English-language murder mystery "The Oxford Murders," Miguel Bardem's comedic "Mortadelo and Filemon: Mission -- Save the Planet", and Frederic Forestier and Thomas Langmann's "Asterix at the Olympic Games" (which is part Spanish and part French) have been huge commercial successes in Spain.

Film production Spain unfortunately, has a huge film piracy problem.

"Pirating is a huge problem, and it's causing damage for many companies. But it is the tip of the iceberg of a radical change in the business model. When there are changes in business models, it causes abnormalities like theft over the Internet," says Adolfo Blanco of publicly listed content provider Vertice 360.

One way that this is being fought is with the Spanish Producers Federation (FAPAE)'s newly passed Film Law, legislation that provides fiscal incentives to private investors in the domestic film production industry.

"These incentives for film and television production, which encompass films and television series, could be the key to creating a real film industry in Spain," says FAPAE president Pedro Perez.

The Spain Film Commission of Madrid is the holding group for all the Film Commissions and Film Offices operating in Spain. They promote and develop the film, audiovisual, and multimedia production industry, and advertise Spain as a location for productions. The SFC also handles all licensing of film shooting in the country.

Spain is home to a vast array of film production companies where one might find employment or aid in film production. This include: Santa Monica Productions; Team Works Production; S. L., Zentido Producciones; Almeria Location Scouts; Antares Production & Distribution; Bonitaworld Media Productions; Camino Media; and Icon International Audiovisual Productions.

Their services include everything from providing an on-line location library with over 400,000 images to full service providers for audiovisual productions.

If you wish to rub elbows with film production industry insiders or film celebrities in Spain, a fine restaurant in Madrid or Barcelona is an ideal place to try to find your desired encounter.

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