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When it comes to getting films made, there's no place like Hollywood. Despite its flaws, it remains a movie-making machine where screenwriters, directors, crew, and others in the business thrive with opportunities.

Checkout the website Mandy (.com) for comprehensive list of what's available there.

Mandy lists countless jobs that a person may be able to get in the film making business.

This could be from being an Instructor with a Film and Acting Academy to a Student Advisor/ Counselor.

Other jobs could possibly be being hired as a Gaffer, Grip, Electronics, or Artist.

One point of contact, "Odom Entertainment" has as its promotion phrase: "HOW TO MAKE IT IN HOLLYWOOD BEFORE YOU MAKE IT. Never Give In. Never Give Up. Dreams Do Come True."

Odom is a "portrait of 10 emerging artists on the front lines, running the gamut from actors, writers, producers, dancers, singers and songwriters, all at different stages in their careers...'Just about to break out, maybe they just broke out, and hopefully they will break out.'"

Do a google search on AFI/ MKC Productions who have a few jobs posted as I write this article.

We have all heard the daring tales of those who ran away from a dead-end existence or a small town to get to Hollywood and were willing to bus tables for peanuts while they mingled with those who might be able to make their dreams come true?

One may easily run across a celebrity in restaurants such as Spago Beverly Hills, Matsuhisa, Patrick's Roadhouse, or Jerry's Famous Deli, as well as numerous others.

Of course, it's not just the potential for making millions of dollars that attract people. It's also the potential for fame, or unsurpassed glory.

Indeed, the very first Academy Awards were given in 1929 at a banquet that was, not surprisingly, held in the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Two hundred and seventy guests paid $5 each to attend, quite a large amount of cash in those days.

There is another, not quite as well known awards called the Hollywood awards. Hailed as "the Oscars Without the Angst" by the 'Los Angeles Times', the unique Hollywood Awards were created to honor excellence in the art of film making, as well as creative talent within the global creative community. Their traditional awards include those in the categories of "World", "Film", "Breakthrough", "Star", "Movie of the Year", "New", and "Trailer".

They have added the "New Hollywood Awards" which were created to recognize developing as well as established talent in all mediums. These include the "Discovery", "Independent", "Netawards", and "Mobile" awards.

In Hollywood, sometimes all that glitters really is gold.

Check This link out for Odom

A Good Place to Search for work is Mandy's Click here

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