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Nigeria's Lagos is Africa's most heavily populated conurbation (an urban area comprising a number of cities, large towns and larger urban areas that are considered to form one continuous urban and industrially developed area), home to perhaps as many as 17 million people.

It's also the center of "Nollywood", the Nigerian film production industry.

Nigeria Film Production is very prominent among Africans and many people stream there to attempt to break into the film production industry.

The secret of Nollywood's success is its local flavor. Nollywood plotlines would seem to Western film fans to be uniquely African.

The films are low-budget. But no outsider could hope to capture the Nigerian essence like someone from Lagos.

Actors and actresses in Nollywood get paid mere pennies on the dollar compared even to second-rate Western scales. But they are excited about the film industry's rise in Nigeria.

Film producer Aquila Njamah actually had his film "The Rivals" shown at the New York International Film and Video Festival in 2007.

As a matter of fact, Nollywood has now become the third largest film industry in the world, behind Bollywood and Hollywood. Nollywood produces close to 60 film titles every week.

"Amadi", "Bisi – Daughter of the River", "Dinner with the Devil", "The Great Attempt", and the TV serialization of Chinua Achebe’s "Things Fall Apart" were spearhead film productions that helped to give rise to Nollywood's current and presumed future success.

There are about 300,000 jobs produced every year throughout the Nollywood film industry, making it one of Africa's greatest economic successes of all time.

Script writers, video editors, animation and special effects technicians, and voice-over artists are those in the highest demand. However, there are also plenty of industry jobs for those who are costume designers, make-up artists, still photographers, sound recorders, subtitle writers, choreographers, stuntmen, and camera crewmen.

Nollywood is poised to grow parabolically. The Nigerian government of President Uamru Yar'Adua is being asked to back Nollywood politically and financially, including by some members of its Parliament (Senator Ayogu Eze, Chairman, Senate Committee on Information and Communications, and the Honourable Dina Melanye).

"The foundation is an incorporated non-profit organisation that aims at bringing Nigerian movies and culture to the international audience and serves as a forum for new ideas and concepts. It also seeks to encourage Nigerian cultural developments projects in film and new media. The Nollywood Foundation is committed to supporting the Nigerian film industry and has developed programmes and events in order to achieve its mission," says Egbe Dawodu, President of the Nollywood Foundation Convention.

Rising Nigerian star film producer and actor Lukmon Abayomi Fabiyi, who is very concerned about the "mass production cheapness" of so many new Nollywood films, has said, "The government should identify which of the movie associations or guilds currently existing in this country is legal and in place.

Secondly, they should enact a law for movie producers. For instance, it is easier for the government to send circulars to all these associations, that none of its members should henceforth shoot a movie below 16mm, 35mm camera or HDV.

They can compel the Nigerian Films and Video Censors Board not to approve any film producer with substandard techniques."

The place to meet Nollywood celebrities in Lagos is the two-block district known as Winis.

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