Paris Film Production

France was where film making was born. It's not surprising then to find a strong film production industry in the nation's romantic capital of Paris.

Paris has a striving film production industry.

La Nouvelle Vague ("New Wave") film making movement of the 1950s and '60s began in Paris. In this movement, the film makers were very self-conscious in their turning away from classical film making traditions and their embracing of iconoclasm, something that fit in with those times. With its "La politique des auteurs", the new movement declared that directors are actually the authors of movies.

New film production movements often arise in France and in Paris. "Cahiers du cinéma", a French film criticism magazine founded in Paris in 1951, invented modern film theory. But there are some ways in which French films typically stand out from American films. These include slower plotlines, deeper character development, and often unhappy or inconclusive endings.

Only the Paris Film Office is authorized to apply for permits on behalf of any film production company or individual. If you want to film in Paris, therefore, you must go through them.

The Paris Film Office will: study your requirements; inform you of the rules and regulations that must be respected; coordinate requests to organize shoots in locations belonging to the City of Paris such as public parks, gardens, administrative buildings, and museums; manage requests for technical operations to create a specific setting for a shoot; and, provide information on permits required to film in private or state-owned locations while advising on questions concerning image rights.

An official Cooperation Agreement signed in 2006 assures foreign film producers that the city of Paris does its best to welcome them to film on location there.

Opportunities within and for getting into the film industry abound in Paris, France.

Paris is home to many film production and film promotion studios and firms. Some of the top-notch names include: Image Associates; Nicocorp; Prime Cut Media Production; TCL Cote d'Azur; Ten80; Eastern Europe Productions; and Froggie Production.

EICAR (The International Film School of Paris) and La Fémis (the national film school) of Paris are two of the most highly touted film making universities in the Western world.

Videographers, film editors, screenwriters, production assistants, camera crews, and actors and actresses are often in demand in Paris as the film industry there continues to thrive.

Festival du Film de Paris (Paris Film Festival) and the Cinéma du réel (International Documentary Film Festival) are two of the biggest film festivals in Europe that annually attract film makers who are showing their creations in the hopes of receiving special recognition for a job particularly well done.

Hotel Costes, Hotel De Crillon, the Murano Urban Resort, and the Astrance are among the top Paris restaurants for rubbing elbows with film celebrities.

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