Sydney Film Production

Sydney is the film production hub of the Australian film production industry.

Australia produced the first ever feature length narrative film, 1906's "The Story of the Kelly Gang", which was filmed in Melbourne.

The Australian film production industry has historically been inconsistent, as American films came to dominate their once-exploding market by the early 1920s.

The South Australian Film Corporation, a South Australian Government statutory corporation, was established in 1972 to try to get Australian film production to a more competitive level as American films totally dominated the Western-culture world market.

The Australian Film Commission was then set up in 1975 to give financial help to Australian-produced films and producers. Both agencies have main offices in Sydney. Their creation arguably led to what many call the Golden Age of Australian film from the mid-70s through the 1980s.

The Aussie government has continued to financially back nationally-produced films through the Film Finance Corporation of Australia, the Australian Film Commission, and Film Australia, which are now consolidated into Screen Australia. This agency also handles all local shooting permits and tax incentives.

Two major American filming studios that now do a lot of work in Sydney are Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox Studios and Warner Bros. with their Warner Roadshow Studios there. Sydney film production costs are only a fraction of those in the United States, making that city highly attractive to American producers. Parts of the final two "Star Wars" prequels were filmed in Sydney.

But there are many other film production and support studios in and around Sydney as well. These include Studio Nuvu, Audioloc Sound Design, Mondo Film, Helium Studios, Icon Image Center, Aria Digital Video Production, and Stanmart Studios.

Locations the Photofile is a Sydney organization that provides location scouting services for film, TV, stills, and multi-media. This organization helps both the film producers and property owners by letting the latter make money from the permitted filming use of their property. Locations the Photofile also helps parties with getting the proper government permits.

There are plenty of film industry job positions to be filled in Sydney. As this is written there are local classified advertisements seeking gaffers, grips, camera operators, producers, music video directors, editors, videographers, and film editors.

Besides the world-renowned Sydney Opera House, places to rub elbows with film industry insiders and celebrities in Sydney include Mrs. Top French Regional Cuisine, Tamanas On Top Indian Restaurant, Top BBQ Restaurant, Rockpool, Wildfire Restaurant, the Lagoon Seafood Restaurant, Tetsuya's, and Summit Restaurant And Orbit Lounge Bar.

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