Television - TV Production

Television or TV production is quite different then feature film production in that being an episodic event, the amount of money for each episode is much less then a feature film.

Also it is usually structured around a staged area. Of course a news television show would have a much different stage area then say a show that is based on a living room scene like Fraser.

Basically the main ingredients of the studio floor would be:

  • Decorations and sets
  • Cameras on pedestals
  • Switchers to switch between camera's
  • Microphones
  • Lighting rigs and associated controlling equipment
  • Monitors for feedback from the production control room
  • A small public address system for communication
  • VTR's
  • Mixers
  • Editing and special effects devices and/or software

The working staff could include the following:

  • On screen Talent(Subjects of the Show)
  • A floor director
  • Camera operators
  • Sound engineer
  • Lighting expert
  • Control Room Monitors/Broadcast Staff

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