Bombay Bollywood Film Production

The Bombay Film Production industry is a thriving entity.

Nicknamed Bollywood it is as large as Hollywood (hence the rhyming name) and produces more films than any other film production studio or integrated groups of studios in the world.

However, unlike Hollywood and other film production hubs around the world, films are usually musicals, strangely mixing together traditions of Broadway and feature film with often "uniquely Indian" soundtracks.

They have been trying to imitate Western films, other than the musical genre nature, more and more in the last 30 years. These days it's not at all uncommon for an Indian film to be entirely in English dialogue and following Hollywood-style plots including lots of action elements and cross-genre storytelling. The soundtracks typically use rock music mixed with Indian raga-style music.

Sony, Paramount Pictures, and Disney are just three of the major Western film production studios that now have stakes in Bombay as India grows economically.

The National Film Development Corporation in India is charged with promoting, organizing, and making great Indian films. It offers big tax breaks and handles all filming permits.

Studios are numerous and include: Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd., Mukta Arts Ltd., Rajshri Productions Ltd., Shekhar Kapur Films, Dharma Productions Pvt. Ltd., Filmistan Studio, Kamal Amrohi Studio, Mehboob Studio, Natraj Studio, and R. K. Studio.

There is as a result of all this a huge array of film industry jobs to be had in the city of Bombay (which in India is called "Mumbai"). At the time of this writing, there are studios advertising for: Marathi film directors; comedy writers; casting managers; graphics compositors and editors; film crewmen; content acquisition managers; production executives; creative heads; associate creative heads; script writers; and motion graphic artists in the city.

There are also numerous casting calls put out.

The need for film production industry workers in Bombay/Mumbai is huge and ever-growing as more money flows in. The films' produced there are becoming more and more popular throughout the globe.

The Indian Film industry is having more of an influence on Western fashion, food, and music than ever before, and some of its beautiful actresses like Madhur Dixit are now Indian and Western sex symbols. Directors such as Yash Chopra are now big names in Hollywood.

If you want to rub elbows with big names in Bollywood, there's a handful of places where you are likely to find them. These include the large residential and commercial area of Lokhandwala Complex (also known as Lokhandwala), the Taj Hotel of Colaba, and the Shree Siddhivinayak Ganapati Mandir Hindu temple dedicated to Ganesha which is located in Prabhadevi, Dadar.

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