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This is very big business. This fact is not newsworthy in itself because news stories and updates in the media as topical entertainment are always going to be entertaining to a wide population.

The news that will become tomorrow's headlines in the media instantly becomes headlines for the simple fact that many people live out their lives vicariously through celebrities lives. A celebrity story that is covered by one news agency will suddenly be picked up by several other different news sources within the span of only a few minutes.

When a story is being covered on any particular topic, considerations need to be taken into account, not just about the story itself but the people or persons involved in the story as it might unfold.

First and foremost, a celebrity's popularity with the public means everything when a story is being reported. Another consideration to take into account is, celebrity gossip can and does become news.

When there is a general rumor that has surfaced around a famous celebrity, this can be considered newsworthy in itself. Even when a rumor might not have any truth to it, this can become the focus of the news story; how the rumor even surfaced in the first place will become the story.

At the present time, certain celebrities are more famous in the news than others. The more famous a celebrity, the more attention the story will receive for entertainment purposes.

News is always dependent on the popularity of the celebrity first; the news source is always a secondary consideration. Speculation within news is considered gossip. Gossip about celebrities is the fuel for much of the news that is generated every day.

Two individuals worth mentioning as entertainment news sources have been dead for several years. Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe are two celebrity icons that are fixed elements within the media. A week will not go by without some news or gossip about either person being brought up in the media as newsworthy.

Unlike average news stories, entertainment has the uncanny ability of staying alive and current for days and even years. Stories will take on different spins from different perspectives. In time, an entertainment story can then be expanded to become something much greater than the actual event itself; thus becoming a saga of epic proportion, based on rumor and speculation.

There are also entertainment shows and magazines that cater to individuals that are fans of the media. Every major television network has many entertainment shows and segments that focus on celebrities that are in the news for one reason or another. The public cannot seem to get enough news about their favorite celebrities.

When there is not enough news available about particular celebrities, then publicists are hired to create news about them. This happens when the media moves on to give exposure to other celebrities that are gaining more popularity within the media. It could be said that some media stars are created by entertainment news.

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