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Many people who are looking into breaking into the filmmaking business head to the city that never sleeps: New York City.

As well as Film Production there is a Broadway acting scene there where many superstars have gotten their start.

A lot of actors and actresses hone their skills by acting live on stage. Live acting does not leave much room for mistakes during a performance.

Film industry talent agents frequent Broadway, searching for a hot New York prospect to represent. "If you can make it there, You'll make it anywhere," the thinking goes.

New York is a place where many famous films have been shot. Some of which are:

  • Miracle on 34th Street in 1947,
  • An Affair to Remember in 1957,
  • West Side Story in 1961,
  • The French Connection in 1971,
  • Saturday Night Fever in 1977,
  • Wall Street in 1987,
  • The first two Spider Man movies in 2002 and 2004
  • Will Smith, I am legend

And these are just a handful of the top-grossing movies that were filmed with New York as the scene or scenery.

New York City is home to many film production companies. Here's a short list of a few:

  • Air Station on East 45th Street,
  • All Media - Top Hat Productions on Madison Avenue,
  • Celsius Films, Inc on East 18th Street,
  • Guardian Entertainment Ltd on 5th Avenue,
  • and Rant Films Ltd on West 26th Street
Probably the most famous are:
  • Screen Gems,
  • Silver Cup,
  • Studio 42,
  • and Studio 8H

New York City is one of two places in the United States where fashions in clothing and culture originate.

This attracts high profile people in the film industry who can often be found dining at the following restaurants.

  • The Spotted Pig,
  • Maroon's,
  • Fiamma,
  • the Village Restaurant,
  • the Rosa Mexica Restaurant,
  • and La Grenouille

If you are seeking contacts then you may wish to try these establishments. Don't be pushy, however, as these people enjoy their space.

A search at the Mandy website will turn up a great deal of film industry opportunities advertised there.

For instance right now, Dune Road Productions lists calls for:

  • Production Manager,
  • 1st AD,
  • Production Coordinator,
  • Location Manager,
  • 1st AC,
  • Still Photographer,
  • Sound Mixer,
  • Gaffer,
  • Key Grip,
  • Prod.Designer,
  • Makeup & Hair tech,
  • and Wardrobe supervisor.

New York is a great place to find acting and film industry opportunity and insider contacts.

I hear a lot of actors and artists still hangout at Grenich Village.

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