Dubai Film Production

Within the United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai, film production is flourishing. As money grows, so does the desire for and ability to produce more entertainment.

Dubai, has been called the "Las Vegas of the Middle East". In an arid desert, amazing urban legends are quickly arising. The artificial, meticulously crafted “islands” arise anew day in and day out.

"Through our support of the MFA-Dubai Film Production Program, Dubai Studio City aims to develop an indigenous film industry, and provide freelancers and university graduates with an opportunity to pursue a career in the industry...Dubai Studio City is keen to create the necessary environment for the growth of the emerging film industry. Our support of program"s such as this will significantly enhance the industry's prospects and give it the much needed fillip through interaction with pioneering figures in international film production," says Jamal Al Sharif director of Dubai Studio City.

The multi-national production company Dubai Film Productions has offices in Dubai as well as in southern California (Los Angeles and San Francisco). The film production company's objective is to produce award-winning media projects which can bridge the cultural divide between the West and the Middle East.

There is also Dubai Media Productions which is a specialist in providing re-sourcing editorial and technical media services. This Dubai film maker has a background in broadcast television and is now expanding into new media.

It has more than just vast oil wealth going for it. It also has year-round sunshine(although is gets a bit hot in the summer months), unique and high end shopping, and the quality of just being a giant playground.

There is nothing unusual about seeing Western movie stars checking into the 154-room Hilton Dubai Creek, which joins the other 5-star hotels in that nation. Movie stars and other celebrities from all over the world who seek to get away from away from the "glitterati" as well as the papparazzi findd Dubai a magnificent haven.

Those who desire to rub elbows with the stars can visit the Hilton Dubai Creek and have a very good chance of fulfilling their star-struck fantasy.

Not to be outdone, the UAE's Abu Dhabi has committed itself to spending $1 billion in film production while linking up with the best in Hollywood, such as Warner Brothers, along with other major global centers of the movie production industry and culture.

Abu Dhabi Media Company has set up Imagenation Abu Dhabi to "spend in excess of one billion dollars over the course of next five years in the creation of both full-length feature films and digital content...Imagenation Abu Dhabi will enter into partnerships with high-profile US-based and other international producers to develop and produce content for distribution throughout the world...We are bringing Hollywood and the international production community to Arabia."

The UAE is so wealthy and is building up so rapidly right now that anyone who is interested in getting into a burgeoning part of the global movie industry in any capacity can find plenty of opportunities there. However, time is of the essence: the UAE is trying to start hiring in a more nationalistic way, and within the next 10 to 20 years the oil wealth that is streaming in there now is likely to have stopped.

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