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The film industry in the Philippines continues to explode. Cheap production costs for increasingly foreign film makers including Americans, and the great popularity of movies (especially foreign films), make the Philippines ever more attractive to film producers.

Film production Philipines of today is a striving industry.

The history of movie production in the Philippines actually goes back to 1897. During WWII Philippino directors and settings were used to create propaganda films. Then in the 1950s, the Philippines experienced their first "golden age" of film production.

The "Big Four studios" of LVN Pictures, Sampaguita Pictures, Premiere Productions, and Lebran International and master directors including Gerardo de Leon, Gregorio Fernandez, Eddie Romero, Lamberto Avellana, Armando Garces, Cirio Santiago, and Cesar Gallardo were all flourishing during that decade. There was also a vast array of great silver screen stars in the Philippines in those days.

Things fell apart in the 1960s as political turmoil shook the nation and wrecked the film industry. It's film industry's underfunding during that era suppressed and almost crumbled it's artistical development. Philippino movies became about violence and sex with little artistry. However, in the 1970s, a new generation of filmmakers arose in opposition to the Marcos dictatorship, and this age of censorship actually became a second golden age of film in the Philippines.

Today, Philippine movie making is torn between making higher end artistic films and the "bomba" films of machismo and cleavage of the 1960s.

The Philippine Film Export Services Office in Manila promotes and markets the country as a location site for international movies and TV filming, and it handles all licensing.

There are numerous film production companies in the Philippines where one can find help or work in the industry. These include: Optima Digital Inc., Panic Creative Solutions, Pixel Art Media Production Co., ShockpostHD, Strong Media Corp., Underground Logic, Bigfoot Studios, BlackDog Media Productions, Cutting Edge Productions, and the Engine Room.

Those film production companies include everything from award winning VFX Design and execution to high definition boutique post and visual effects houses; from comprehensive compositing, 2D and 3D imagery, animation, and design to visual effects editing.

If you want to rub elbows with some movie industry insiders and celebrities in the Philippines, you'll find them hanging out in such restaurants as La Cocina de Tita Moning in Manila; Kusina Salud in San Pablo, Laguna; Charley’s in Lipa, Batangas;Ugu’s Pottery Garden Restaurant in Tiaong, Quezon; and Antonio’s in Tagaytay.

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