London Film Production

The London Film Production industry is buzzing with life make it one of the top film-shooting cities in the world.

It's vitally important that before you enter into any filming contract there, you contact the Borough Film Service to tell them you intend to film there. They will inform you of potential filming hotspots and help you with any parking requirements.

London Film Production can accommodate any project but you should make sure the paperwork is done properly.

Wherever you plan to film in London you need to get the appropriate permission, because differing locations, even streets, may either be privately owned or public property.

Small, simple crews of less than five people may have to apply for permission up to three days in advance. Larger crews for more complex shoots might need to apply up to 10 days in advance of shooting.

You will need Public Liability Insurance to film anywhere in or immediately around London.

There is a vast array of London film production companies in or near London that can help you put together a movie or find you work in the film industry.

These include: Large Blue Productions Ltd; Guerilla; AHC Post Ltd; Fifty Fifty Post Production Ltd; 2 Entertain; Sweet Images Ltd; Another Film Co; Xube; Freaksignal Productions Ltd; and 2AM Films Ltd, among many others.

According to Film London, which subsumed the roles of two previously existing organizations: the London Film Commission (LFC) and the London Film Video and Development Agency (LFVDA) in 2003, three years ago England's HM Treasury made an astounding overhaul of the tax system to give greater incentives for people to film in London.

"The proposals represent a new approach to supporting the British film industry and are aimed at delivering a sustainable tax structure for the long term as well as supporting the British film production sector. The proposals continue to provide a subsidy for British films but also offer the potential to use the new tax credit to help to build British film businesses through incentivising slate production," they say.

So if you are considering a location to film, you may find a great tax break for yourself in London as the local industry tries to attract film makers.

In the city, the film and media industries employ almost 50,000 people, and nearly half of them are freelance. There are in addition many film industry jobs that need to be filed at any given moment in London. These may include: Head of Publishing and Communications; Film Production Solicitor; Film Festival Manager; Production Brand Marketing Manager; Video Editor; Junior Creative Flash ActionScript Developer; Production Technician; Designer; and Art Worker, among others.

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