Rome Film Production

One of the most historic and romantic cities in the world, Rome, Italy is also home to a bustling film production industry.

The ancient streets, art and architecture, and ruins of Rome make it an ideal film production setting for many different applications and plotlines.

According to "Shoot in Rome", a film production and also TV production and location service agency within the city, "While for private areas negotiations are carried out directly with the owner of the property for public areas and buildings the city is the authority responsible for issuing permits for filming in streets and squares, at monuments, public museum and historical sites, public gardens and parks. Regulations and provisions differ from municipality to municipality, from administration to administration.

For each location it is necessary to request a permit from the individual public agency responsible for the area or subject matter. Permits for streets and squares can be requested in written form directly at the local film commissions or city halls."

Italy offers a tax shelter and tax credit program aimed at film producers and industry workers in order to give an incentive for filming in the nation, including in Rome. At the time of this writing, this tax incentive program has only just been re-instated following tax program cuts, which included it, and a following outcry from the Italian filming industry, which threatened to boycott the Rome Film Festival (CINEMA: Festa Internazionale di Roma) in protest.

Rome is home to Cinecittà Studios, the largest film and television production facility on the European continent. A large percentage of today's biggest hit movies are filmed at Cinecittà, which was founded in 1937 by Fascist dictator and WWII Allies enemy Benito Mussolini, although it went on to become a film production location for several huge American film productions of the 1950s. In fact, the huge Roman studio is second in size only to Hollywood, and permanently employs over 5000 film industry workers and has helped produce over 3000 films.

Well-known full service European production company Invideo is also based in Rome.

Rome is also host to a few different major film festivals each year. The Fantafestival shows off new science fiction, horror, and thriller films. The Roma Independent Film Festival specializes in featuring films produced outside of major studies, especially those filmed in Italy. And CINEMA: Festa Internazionale di Roma is the major international film production festival held in the city every October.

These film festivals, especially the last one, are favorites of American film celebrities, as they flock to the warmth, beauty, grandeur, and deep history of the ancient city.

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