Toronto Film Production

Toronto Film Production is becoming a hot for many film makers world wide.

According to Rhonda Silverstone of the Toronto Film and Television Office, "Toronto is an exceptional film centre with experienced crews, gifted actors and world-class suppliers. My team has experience working on thousands of productions."

Toronto is indeed one of the hottest cities in North America for film production newbies and professionals alike. The city offers several incentives for people who are considering making films there.

These include: labor tax credits applicable to an unlimited number of productions; competitive provincial tax credits on both domestic and foreign productions; the waiving of all site rental fees on City of Toronto owned facilities and properties; and others.

The city also offers special discounted hotel and service packages for productions scouting or filming.

It has 25,000 experienced professional crew members including award-winning special effects and animation crews.

Last year, film production companies spent $791,412,000 shooting on location in Toronto.

There are also many, many job opportunities for people involved in or trying to break into the film industry that can be found in Toronto.

Transcontinental Custom Communications (TCC), Astral Television Networks, The National Film Board of Canada, Starz Animation, White Pine Pictures Inc., Spin Master, Ltd., and Scotland-based Gallus Entertainment among others have offices in Toronto.

Jobs that one may find there with these and other production companies include Communications Specialist, Production Coordinator, Director of Content Development, Art Director, Animation Director, and On Set Visual Effects Plate Supervisor, among a score of others.

If you want to rub elbows with movie stars, film producers, and screenwriters, Toronto can make that happen for you as well.

The 5th Elementt Restaurant and Lounge specializes in fusion food with a special emphasis on Italian and Indian flavours. 5th Elementt is the official hospitality partner of the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Annona Restaurant, located inside the Park Hyatt Hotel, is renowned for superior service and a great menu. This is where movie stars go to find something expensive and exclusive.

The city also features celebrity-owned restaurants in the Orbit Room (owned by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson) and Wayne Gretzky's (guess who owns it?) where those in the film industry may be found eating, drinking, and enjoying city life.

Toronto is definitely a "place to be" for film industry pros and newbies alike.

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