Vancouver Film Making

The Vancouver Film Production industry has been a very popular choice for filmmakers from all over the world.

The Vancouver Film Office was established in 1980 to address the fact that the city of Vancouver, B.C., was becoming a hot spot for film making.

As a branch of the City of Vancouver's Engineering Department, the Film Office was set up for several purposes. Facilitating on-location filming, protecting the rights and interests of neighborhoods, and public safety are its concerns.

But the fact is that Vancouver has film shooting roots that go back to the 1930s. Today the city has become North America's third largest film production center. It's sometimes known as "Hollywood North" as a result.

If you're interested you can find out about what's happening by reading Wednesday's or Saturday's 'Vancouver Sun' paper. The column 'BackLot' gets you up to speed on the city's film production industry. You can also find plenty of industry classifieds and casting calls in this paper.

Not only is it possible to gain a lot of first-hand film experience in Vancouver; the city has great film making schools, too. Local film production, videography, animation, and screen writing schools abound. Bushpilot Film School, the Art Institute of Vancouver, and the Vancouver Film School are just a few of these.

If you want to visit a film production in Vancouver, there are ways to figure out where they are. Looking for day glow pink, orange, or green arrows on trees or poles is one way. Another is to look out for strange, long lines of white trucks. And still another is to look for American mailboxes, license plates, or flags.

In addition to the Vancouver Film Office, there's the British Columbia Film Commission. Centered in Vancouver, this Commission gets film makers access to up to 60 stages, including some of the largest in North America. They also offer access to "a full range of production equipment, support services, experienced cast and crew, production and post-production companies –- not to mention the wide and varied range of locations that helped get us started in the first place."

The Commission also works closely with the British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit (PSTC). This is to encourage B.C. movie, television, and animation productions.

The film production industry is thriving in Vancouver and it grows larger every year.

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